'It was not normal': Neighbors weigh in after body found in ditch identified

SAPD: Case of apparent sudden death, pending autopsy

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SAN ANTONIO – Investigators say her body, discovered by a passerby, was severely decomposed when it was found on Ghent Drive, but how she got there and what happened leading up to that event, is still a mystery.

The case of 45-year old Catherine Clements Prosper, is now being considered "apparent sudden death" pending an autopsy, but even after the body was removed, those who visited the scene say evidence left behind told the story of a disturbing incident.

"I just went out shopping and I came back and saw all the cops and the TV channels," said Luis Aguilar who lives nearby.

"It's been quiet, peaceful and friendly, until they find the body right there," he said said.

"You could tell that something had terribly been burned and dragged probably, but it was not normal," said another neighbor, who didn't want to be identified.

He said the area near the ditch behind Ghent Drive is heavily trafficked at times, but there is nothing unusual.

"The trail right here is normal for community kids, and people to go to the shopping center," the unidentified neighbor said.  

"If it's a Saturday and Sunday night, you see a lot of people walking behind this strip mall right there," Aguilar said.

What's been described as a relaxed community, however, is now one where neighbors are left on edge.

"Pretty big shock. We've had small situations, you know, police cars go by, but nothing like that." the unidentified neighbor said.

KSAT went to several possible addresses for Prosper, hoping to learn more about who she was and possibly what happened to her, but no one in those communities seemed to know her, either.