Quick arrest of man threatening to shoot up church shows how Fusion Center uses information

Fusion Center monitors crime, mental health incidents

LEON VALLEY, Texas – A Leon Valley man who threatened to shoot up a chruch on Sunday was located and arrested within minutes.

The arrest was the result of seamless communication between San Antonio's Fusion Center and Leon Valley police.

The Fusion Center combines law enforcement and first responder agencies into a hub that detects and researches incidents throughout Southwest Texas. 

The chilling Facebook post days ago said, "Sunday gunday!!! Bout to shoot up a church during the prayer service!!! Wish me luck!!!" The post also pictured 27-year old Terray Myles with an AK-47, a pistol and money. 

Members of the Fusion Center immediately caught the threat.

The detailed information they collected about Myles and his address allowed Leon Valley police to find him within minutes. In fact, they caught him while he was getting into his car. 

"There's a lot of things we do, looking at background, trying to correlate things," said the San Antonio Fire Department's Tactical Services Division Chief Douglas Berry.

The Fusion Center pulled Myles' history, which Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said included threats within the last two months to shoot up his workplace and kill family members. 

"I think it's just a really good example of what we do on a daily basis of really coordinating information, connecting the dots and the pieces so we're keeping the community safe," Berry said.

Berry said the Fusion Center isn't just keeping track of violent incidents. Salvaggio said Myles had also been flagged for mental health issues. 

There has been a recent push for agencies to work together to address mental health in our community. For a little over a year there has been a big effort in the Fusion Center between the fire department and the police department.

"There are criminal offenses to it, but the main thing is getting people help so there's not repeat calls or repeat offenses," Berry said.


Knowing information about a person or place allows agencies to dispatch the right people. Often it's law enforcement, but many times a mental health team is needed as well.  

As for Myles, Salvaggio said he was not arrested for the other recent threats. He was hospitalized instead because of his mental health issues. 

However, this has now become a recurring incident. In addition, officers said Myles was abusive when they found him on Sunday, fighting with them and telling them to shoot him. 

This time, he was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat.

It's important to note the Fusion Center does not run surveillance on people, which would be unlawful.

Members search public records and social media sites for concerning information so they can alert law enforcement. They also monitor a tip line and messages from community members.

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