Potentially 'habitable', earth-like planet discovered by NASA

More than 1000 exoplanets have been discovered by NASA satellite

NASA has made a fascinating discovery using a satellite launched last year. 

The TESS, or transit exoplanet survey satellite, was able to locate more than 1000 exoplanets using light waves.

"Exoplanets are planets that are orbiting outside of our solar system,” explained Junellie Gonzalez-Quiles, a research assistant with NASA. 

While more than 1000 exoplanets were discovered by TESS, it is a recent finding of 3 exoplanets that has scientists talking. Of those exoplanets, two are not in what researchers call the ‘habitable zone’.

"But, there's another one that's very interesting because it’s in the habitable zone of its star, meaning that if it had an atmosphere it could potentially have liquid water on its surface,” said Gonzalez-Quiles.

Water, of course, means that life could potentially exist on the earth-sized planet.  But, before you get too excited, the planet is out of reach, for now.

"This system is 31 light-years away,” added Gonzales-Quiles.

Even with today’s technology, visiting the planet is impossible. The findings, however, do have implications.

"Just understanding their atmospheres and comparing it to ours and being able to see if potentially could have life,” said Gonzalez-Quiles.

TESS mission continues and more exoplanets are likely to be found. 

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