Brick wall surrounding Schertz neighborhood knocked down by high winds, residents say

SCHERTZ, Texas – Residents in a Schertz subdivision are warning each other to be careful after they said a portion of a brick wall surrounding the community was knocked down by high winds.

The collapse happened at the Reserve at Schertz, possibly during Monday’s Artic blast. Isaac Day, the Homeowners Association president, said it happened sometime overnight Tuesday.

“I didn’t think, as a combat medic, something like this can happen with high winds, but it can happen. It is a ton of bricks,” he said.

Day said he got calls from residents that alerted him about the now-gaping hole that is directly behind a home’s backyard.

“They said the first time — when they heard it fall — they thought it was a plane because this is a training base, you know, because (Joint Base San Antonio-) Randolph is right here. They thought a plane went down. It was that loud. Then when I saw what it really was, I was shocked," he said.

Day said this was not the first time he believes high winds caused damage to the wall structure.

“A few months back, a part of the wall went down, as well,” Day said. “We are still working with the insurance company about it. The wall is unpredictable.”

Day said there are other areas of the wall about which he is concerned.

“There are certain parts of the wall that is cracked,” Day said. “It could fall down at any moment. A kid, or someone, could be walking by on this sidewalk and it could fall on them. I don’t want that on my conscience.”

He said he is using this as an opportunity to warn residents to never underestimate the power of wind.

“This homeowner’s property is exposed, so there is a security concern, especially because it gets so dark out here at night,” Day said. “More so, it is a safety hazard right now. We just want the public to know you got to be careful. If something like this happens or you are concerned about something like this happening again, let someone know. We need you safe at all times.”

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