House fire sparks investigation after neighborhood argument

SAN ANTONIO – Firefighters said a threat is sparking an investigation into a house fire on the West Side.

Investigators said a disagreement between neighbors led to one threatening to set the other’s house on fire. Shortly after, a home on West Laurel Street was on fire.

Firefighters said the flames spread faster than expected and had to evacuate crews.

One firefighter was hurt during the incident.

“We did have one of the firefighters was bailing out of a window. Part of the window frame penetrated the backside of his protective gear and he’s got about a 2 inch laceration on his body,” said Mark Black, who is the battalion chief for the San Antonio Fire Department.

No one was at the home at the time of the fire and no one else was injured.

There is no arrests in the case.

Authorities said the damage was estimated at $20,000.