Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Texans share their funny, relatable frustrations with ‘cedar fever’ online

‘You ever just wake up and sneeze 472 times?’

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said he's had "enough" of mountain cedar.
San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said he's had "enough" of mountain cedar. (Instagram/ron_nirenberg)

SAN ANTONIO – The mountain cedar level may be on the decline, but it’s still not enough to stop the misery of itchy eyes, sore throats and stuffed sinuses.

KSAT reports the pollen count for mountain cedar remains “high” at 7,830, an encouraging trend after it had been “very high” since the weekend.

Still, people on Twitter and even San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg are saying they’ve had enough of the pollen from ashe juniper trees in the Hill Country.

“Enough,” Nirenberg said on Instagram. “I haven’t been able to sleep in two weeks!”

He also asked locals for their remedies to deal with the allergies.

“Space travel," “hiding in my bed” and “moving out of town,” some people joked, while more serious answers included buying an air purifier or swimming.

Things to know about ‘cedar fever,’ and how to treat it

Mountain cedar season runs from December through February every year.

The plant we know as “mountain cedar” is actually ashe juniper, and male trees pollinate late in the year.

By December, the wind picks up the tree pollen, spreading the irritating pollen grains across South Central Texas.

While the trees are beneficial to our local ecosystem, Texans are dreading the process. Here’s what they’re saying online.

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