WATCH: Meteorologist Justin Horne has scare as transformer blows while reporting on Hurricane Laura

Horne wasn’t standing near power lines, he wants to assure viewers

Meteorologist Justin Horne had a scare with electricity while reporting on Hurricane Laura along the Texas coast early Thursday.

SAN ANTONIO – Meteorologist Justin Horne gave viewers quite a scare while reporting on Hurricane Laura along the Texas coast early Thursday.

He and Photojournalist Bill Caldera were using the KSAT12 Storm Chaser and Horne was giving a live report when a transformer blew about 100 yards behind him.

Some viewers have worried that Horne was standing too close to power lines but he said that wasn’t the case.

“We scoped that place out and picked it because it was away from trees and powerlines,” Horne said.

The video is now going viral, but Horne said not everyone is sharing the correct facts.

“It looked much worse on camera and you see that, obviously you react,” Horne said.

Watch as Horne jumps out of the way following the flash of electricity.


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Follow Meteorologist Justin Horne and Photojournalist Bill Caldera on the KSAT Storm Chaser as they follow Hurricane Laura along the coast.

The livestream has ended. You can view the video in three parts below.

JUSTIN’S VIDEO UPDATES: Follow KSAT Meteorologist Justin Horne as he reports from the Texas Coast ahead of Hurricane Laura

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About the Authors:

Justin Horne is a meteorologist and reporter for KSAT 12 News. When severe weather rolls through, Justin will hop in the KSAT 12 Storm Chaser to safely bring you the latest weather conditions from across South Texas. On top of delivering an accurate forecast, Justin often reports on one of his favorite topics: Texas history.

William Caldera has been at KSAT since 2003. He covers a wide range of stories including breaking news, weather, general assignments and sports.