Proposed QuikTrip to displace Government Hill residents, some worry about property values

New gas station would be located near I-35 and Walters Street

SAN ANTONIO – QuikTrip plans to open a convenience store and gas station near I-35 and Walters Street.

The company wants to rezone two acres of residential property for commercial use for the new gas station.

Currently, there are homes on the property. The renters living in those houses said they are concerned they will have nowhere to go.

Ismael Barba Padilla said he worries that he won’t have anywhere to live with the rising costs of homes. He’s been living at the property for about 14 years.

Padilla said the property owner is giving him until April to leave.

“Everything is expensive. A house today is over $100, $150. You don’t find houses like before for $60, $50,” Padilla said.

Mike Thornbrugh, a spokesman for QuikTrip, said it chose this location because it is a highly traveled area. Thornbrugh said the seller and QT are giving each tenant relocation assistance, which includes monetary assistance and real estate agent assistance.

Part of the Government Hill neighborhood sits in District 2, which Councilwoman Jada Andrews-Sullivan represents. Her office released the following statement regarding the proposed gas station:

The City of San Antonio’s Zoning Commission will be taking up the rezoning request from QuikTrip on Jan. 21.

The planning commission will take up the issue on Jan. 22. Both commissions will make recommendations to the full city council.

Only city council can approve or deny a zoning change.

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