These household items can be poisonous to your pets

Keep these items away from your pets

Every year the Animal Poison Control Center receives more than 200 thousand cases concerning potential poisonings of pets.

Many of those often involve common items found in your household.

Raw bread dough is an unexpected poisonous hazard for dogs. The yeast cells produce ethanol, which can quickly raise your dog’s blood alcohol level causing alcohol poisoning.

Avocados are mildly poisonous to cats and dogs, but can be extremely deadly to horses, birds, and rabbits.

Over 37 percent of calls to animal poison control center are due to pets swallowing medications. If this happens, it can cause difficulty breathing and vomiting in cats. For dogs, it can cause liver failure, dry eye, and red blood cell injury.

It’s most important to keep these items as well as anything else that may be hazardous to their health out of their reach.

If you’re questioning if your pet can reach it or not, chances are they most likely can, and it’s best to find a safer spot for it.

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