Here are some warning signs of mental anguish in teenagers

There are several signs that indicates a teenager needs a little extra help dealing with this year’s changes

The pandemic has not only affected our physical health but also our daily lives, our jobs, and even our finances.

Doctors and psychologists are also seeing the mental impact as well especially in teenagers... who thrive on social interaction.

But there are some of warning signs you’ll see in teens if they require additional help.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are several signs you need to keep track of that may be signals that your teenager needs a little extra help dealing with all the changes that have happened this year.

An article published on healthychildren.org says to look out for changes in mood that are not usual for your child, specifically ongoing irritability, feelings of hopelessness, or more frequent problems with family or friends.

Also watch out for loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, if they have a hard time sleeping, and changes in eating habits.

Pediatric health advisors recommend that you stay in touch with your pediatrician and voice any concerns you have, so things anxiety and depression can be addressed sooner than later.

Pediatricians also encourage parents to set the tone in the household by staying positive and avoid expressing any sense of dread or worry that can add to a child’s stress.

Spending time as a family, and staying off electronic devices can help bring down some of the negative feelings teens are facing.

As always talk to your doctor about specific needs for your teen.

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