Book holiday flights now to land the best deals, travel expert says

Airfares take September dip as fall demand lags

SAN ANTONIO – If your holiday plans include a plane ride to grandma’s, sunny beaches, or ski slopes, now is the time to snag the best deals on on airfare, travel industry experts say.

Amy Rozarto is dreaming about a warm Christmas - in Florida.

“If airfare gets cheaper and if I can get time off work - just to step away for a while, great,” she said.

She could be in luck if she gets a move on.

“Airlines have a lot of empty seats and are doing everything they can to fill them,” said Willis Orlando with

We’re in what he calls the “Goldilocks” hour for looking and booking. It’s not too early and not too late.

With concerns about the Delta variant and lack of business travel, demand for fall flights has lagged expectations. As a result, many airfares are on a September descent.

If you’re looking for an October getaway, Orlando said he found roundtrip air travel from San Antonio to Miami for $162. Roundtrip to Denver next month can be found for as low as $118.

But what about the holidays?

“If you’re looking to travel domestically for the holidays, now is the time to book,” Orlando said.

Some of the best deals, though, are to Europe. He found an end-of-year trip to Italy for $296 roundtrip.

“Because demand hasn’t come back yet, we have blanket cheap prices across the board,” he said. “Next year they will be a thousand bucks.”

With COVID-19 concerns still a major issue, flexibility is key. Most airlines are being customer-friendly when it comes to making changes. But, travelers should check their airline’s policy before booking just in case there is a change in travel plans.

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