Woman hopes brother’s death encourages community to speak up, help with unsolved homicide cases

Roy Salinas leaves behind three children and a long list of friends and family

San Antonio – A San Antonio woman is hoping her brother’s fatal stabbing will encourage the community to step up and help investigators with the many unsolved homicide cases in San Antonio.

Elisa Salinas is the sister of Roy Salinas Jr, 50.

“He had a good heart,” Salinas said. “He helped everyone whenever he could. He was an alcoholic but if you ever needed him, he’d be there.”

She said her brother has three children and was everyone’s best friend.

“He did have his struggles but he was my brother and I loved him very much,” Salinas said. “We were very close.”

The last time she saw her brother was two days before he was killed.

Her older sister broke the news to her.

“‘They found Bro Bro,’” she said. “That is what I called him was Bro Bro. ‘They found him and he is not here no more.’ I was like, ‘Well where is he?’ She said he passed away. I couldn’t believe it,” Salinas said as she wept.

Roy’s homicide is just one of many being investigated.

Together, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the San Antonio Police Department reported 146 homicides to the FBI for 2020. That is up from the 116 homicide reported in 2019.

That upward trend is reflected on a national level according to recent data released by the FBI.

For 2020, they reported 21,570 homicides which is up from 16,699 homicides reported in 2019.

Officials attribute that rise to the pandemic, conflicting politics and people having too much time.

“Whatever the reason you are taking somebody’s life, you don’t have the permission or authority to do so, so we are saying stop in the name of love today,” said Pastor Rosita Wilson who started the Stop in the Name of Love Movement.

“The movement is so relevant today,” she said. “This movement is to stop the shooting and the hurting of one another. “Our hearts have to be changed. We have to understand we are hurting someone else. When you shoot, stab or kill someone else, you are taking their life and they cannot come back. They have mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. You not only killed that one individual, but a whole population.”

Among many things, Wilson believes change starts at the heart of individuals. Her movement reaches out to those who are troubled.

“Hurting people hurt people,” Wilson said. “The movement, Stop in the Name of Love means just that…stop! The things that I find that combat that type of behavior is community involvement, community activity, and community education.”

The motive behind Roy’s death is unknown at this time but his sister hopes his story gives courage to others to do the right thing.

“We need more people to start talking because he was my brother! He was a cousin,” Salinas said. “A neighbor. A best friend. People need to start talking and coming forward because what if it was your brother? Your uncle, dad, cousin, best friend you would want someone to come and help! Come forward. Speak up. Don’t be afraid because these people are cowards!”

If you have any information you are urged to call SAPD’s Homicide Unit at 210-207-7635.

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