District 4 Councilwoman helps her constituents prepare for cold weather

Adriana Rocha Garcia goes door-to-door, delivers winter preparedness guides

SAN ANTONIO – District 4 Councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia and members of her staff went door-to-door Wednesday delivering winter preparedness guides to constituents.

Rocha Garcia said due to the lack of internet service and other technologies that some of her constituents don’t have, she decided to deliver pamphlets that have vital information..

“So, we know the digital divide is alive and well, unfortunately, in this area of town. So ,the best thing we could do is literally come out today before anything hits and literally give them the information they need to be prepared,” she said.

The guides not only inform residents how to prepare for winter weather, but also what to do and who to call in the event their home is damaged after a winter storm.

After last year’s winter storm, a lot of people have concerns about power outages, ruptured pipes and other things that can go wrong following a winter storm.

Although the cold front due to arrive Wednesday in San Antonio is not forecasted to be as severe as last year, Rocha Garcia said she is confident in CPS Energy’s ability to quickly respond to any power outages.

“This is a test for CPS Energy, that’s the way that I see it. So, this is the first major test and I’m hoping that they’ll pass it,” she said.

CPS Energy officials said all power plants will be up and running and they’ve already taken precautions to keep their plants weatherized.

San Antonio Water System officials said they’ve taken measures to protect pipes and keep water service functional.

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