Uvalde County District Attorney: ‘I’m not investigating anything’

Christina Mitchell says she’s waiting for investigation into Robb Elementary shooting to be completed so her office can review it

UVALDE, Texas – Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell said Thursday that she is not investigating the Robb Elementary school shooting and is waiting for the probe to be completed so her team can review it.

Inaccurate information and contradicting storylines have clouded the Uvalde school shooting, including who exactly is running the investigation.

News outlets have named multiple agencies and entities, including Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell.

KSAT 12 News asked Mitchell Thursday who is the lead agency in the investigation, what her role is, and is she investigating anything.

According to Mitchell, the Texas Rangers and the FBI are the lead agencies. Mitchell said she is not investigating anything and she’s waiting for the investigation to be completed so her team can review it.

KSAT also asked Mitchell why she had asked officials, like DPS Director Steve McCraw, to stay tight-lipped about the investigation. Mitchell explained she is trying to protect already grieving families from half truths and inaccurate information. She added that she would rather them speak facts that are known, as opposed to new findings that are still trying to be verified or pieced together.

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