San Antonio father shares life of his daughter that was taken too soon

4-year-old Kylie was killed Friday in tragic accident on W. Gerald Avenue

A San Antonio family is making funeral arrangements for their 4-year-old daughter. KSAT's John Paul Barajas sat down with her father, who tells us although her life was cut short, it still served a purpose.

SAN ANTONIO – A four-year-old girl passed away on Friday, after she was hit by a car on the city’s South Side, San Antonio police said.

The incident occurred at 6:15 p.m. in the 1400 block of West Gerald Avenue.

The child’s father, Javier Ortega, said it was a horrible accident, one that happened as the kids waited to be picked up by their mom. He said as they left the grandparents’ home Kylie ran into the street in excitement and her mom didn’t see her.

“I told her don’t blame yourself, it’s my fault. It’s just a tragic horrible, horrible accident,” Ortega said.

Police said the girl ran into the street from a private driveway, when she was run over.

According to SAPD, the driver was traveling down the road and could not see the child as a truck parked outside the home blocked their view.

The driver immediately stopped and remained at the scene. The girl was taken to an area hospital, but passed away due to her injuries, SAPD said.

Ortega said Kylie was showered with love. She was the youngest girl in the family and had seven siblings. He said although her life was cut short, her life still served a purpose.

“God sent her so she could teach me how to love. I used to ask her, ‘baby what’s the true meaning of love?’ and she would look at me and say ‘Me daddy, I’m the true meaning of love, because I love you,’” Ortega said.

Ortega described Kylie as a little girl who had a big heart, someone who was was smart and beautiful. She loved to joke with her dad and play with her siblings.

“She was bright, smart, intelligent, knew all her colors, She could count, she could sing you almost any song. She’s beautiful, she’s just one of a kind,” he said.

He said the next steps for his family is therapy. He said his kids all saw the accident.

The family plans to have a viewing for Kylie on Tuesday, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Castillo Funeral Home. They are still looking to find a church to have a mass, before burying Kylie.

The Ortega family say they grieving, while still trying to provide for the funeral expenses and therapy.

“Getting through this will be very hard, but with professional help and prayer we hope to take this one day at a time as hard as it may be, to ensure our family gets through this tragic loss,” he said.

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