KSAT interviews John Stamos, Mike Love as they head to SA to play Beach Boys’ hits at Majestic

The longtime friends started playing music together in the 80s.

Two legends in their own right are even better when paired together.

On Sunday evening, KSAT’s Courtney Friedman got to speak with actor John Stamos and Beach Boys’ founder and frontman Mike Love.

Just minutes after getting off the stage at their show in Lubbock Sunday evening, they hopped on Zoom to talk about their excitement to head to San Antonio next.

“We just walked off stage and John was drumming and I was singing,” Love said, standing next to Stamos.

“He was singing great!” Stamos said.

When asked how it’s been playing shows together touring through the month of September, Love said, “It’s fun, fun, fun!”

Stamos laughed and said, “I hate to say his age, but this man is 82 and he buries the rest of us on that stage.”

Back-and-forth jokes and compliments between old friends as they talked about all their recent shows.

“Last week we played at the See Hear Now Festival at Asbury Park. The Foo Fighters were on the bill, the Killers, Greta Van Fleet, Weezer. These other acts came around and all wanted to meet Mike Love and everyone had the most respect, and the crowd went crazy,” Stamos said.

“Well, but they wanted to do selfies with John Stamos,” Love laughed.

The comfort in the banter was formed over a decades-long partnership.

John Stamos played his first show with the Beach Boys back in the 80s.

“Well, he was on ‘General Hospital’ when we first met him and the girls were all flocking to him, so we got him on stage!” Love said.

As it turned out, he had the chops. Stamos started playing drums at 4 years old.

“I was and I am still the biggest Beach Boys fan on the planet and I’m so grateful every moment I get to play with him,” Stamos said.

Stamos talked about getting to bridge both acting and music, reflecting on the “Full House” episodes that included the Beach Boys.

Stamos turned to Love and said, “Oh man I remember the time you guys came on ‘Full House’ and I’d done the video ‘Kokomo.’ I was so nervous because these guys were coming. It was just a magical time.”

“We back him up on ‘Forever,’ a song that was in the episode of ‘Full House’ when Uncle Jesse got married,” Love said.

That bond wasn’t just on-screen.

“In real life, I’ve been married a couple years. Guess who married me?” Stamos said, pointing to Love.

When asked about their favorite songs to play together, Love quickly said, “My favorite is ‘Kokomo,’ ‘Good Vibrations,’ ‘Fun Fun Fun,’ ‘I Get Around,’ ‘Surfing USA,’ ‘California Girls,’ ‘Help Me Rhonda,’ ‘Barbara Ann’…”

“All the songs he wrote!” laughed Stamos.

He truly loves them all because they’re songs that stand the test of time.

“This music means so much to me and to everybody. And I feel like it was time released. It meant a lot when you wrote ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ back then, but to hear it now when people need it so badly. Optimism, happiness,” Stamos said.

“Which is what we’re going to deliver to the Majestic!” Love chimed in. “It’s a beautiful theater. We love playing there.”

They of course love the San Antonio River Walk, and seeing the Alamo, but their favorite part about San Antonio?

“The greatest Mexican restaurants in the world!” Love said without hesitation.

It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been in the spotlight. The excitement of travel, music, and new memories has clearly not faded.

“If you would have told me I was going to be on stage in San Antonio, Texas, with Mike Love and the Beach Boys, I would never believe it,” Stamos said.

That’s what it’s about: the love of the music and good friends to play it with.

The pair will play at the Majestic Theatre on Sept. 25.

You can watch the full interview below:

About the Author:

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