‘Inside will be your safest bet’: Cibolo veterinarian weighs in on what you should do with your pets during eclipse

If you are bringing your pet to your solar eclipse destination, Dr. Amber Fritz has suggestions on what to pack

Cibolo, TX – Before Texans and out-of-state visitors travel to their viewing spots for Monday’s solar eclipse, Dr. Amber Fritz is urging pet owners to take precautions.

“Only take your pet if you think they’ll be used to something like that,” Fritz, a veterinarian at CityVet-Cibolo Crossing, said. “Otherwise, it’s probably best for them to stay at home.”

Fritz said pet owners should only bring their animals if they know they’ll be comfortable with changing weather and potentially large crowds. Because of how low most housepets stand, she said their eyesight during the eclipse isn’t her main concern.

“Housepets, cats and dogs don’t tend to go outside and look up at the sun,” Fritz said. “Eye-wise, I think we’re typically safer. Don’t try and point their faces up at the sun.”

She said the most notable change during totality might be minor behavioral changes for your animals.

“Some articles show it may almost seem like a storm is coming, so if you have pets with storm anxiety, be aware of that,” Fritz said. “They might need their anxiety medications if they usually receive them or just try and make their environment more comfortable.”

If you’re preparing your packing list this weekend, Fritz suggests bringing extra food, water and a First Aid kit, especially with the potential of traffic impact.

“Some people are going to be traveling in from places that aren’t native to Texas. We have snakes and we have bugs,” Fritz said. “If you’re concerned, definitely inside will be your safest bet.”

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