Teen charged with murder in case of hot car death of 2 little girls

Charges upgraded from manslaughter to murder

By Mary Claire Patton - Digital Content Curator

KERR COUNTY - Charges have been upgraded from manslaughter to murder for Kevin Franke, 18, who was arrested in February in connection with the deaths of two little girls who were left in a hot car in Kerr County for 15 hours.

The girl’s mother, Amanda Hawkins, 20, was the original person arrested and indicted in connection with the deaths.

Brynn Hawkins, 1, and Addyson Overgard-Eddy, 2, were allegedly left inside a car overnight for more than 15 hours while Hawkins was with friends in June 2017.

Hawkins appeared at Peterson Regional Medical Center on June 8, 2017 with the two children, claiming they had collapsed while smelling flowers at Flat Rock Lake.

Amanda Hawkins

Franke, who is still in jail, is charged with two counts of abandoning or endangering a child, two counts of injury to a child and two counts of murder.

Hawkins made headlines again in April when a Kerr County detention officer was arrested on suspicion of having a nonsexual relationship with her while she is in custody.

Kerr County detention Officer Christopher Berge and Hawkins exchanged more than 50 phone calls claiming their love for each other.

Berge was writing Hawkins notes and also gave her a ring, according to a press release.

Hawkins remains in jail.

He was released on bond after being charged on suspicion of bringing contraband into the Kerr County Jail.

Berge was arrested again less than 48 hours after the contraband arrest on suspicion of assault bodily injury on family.

Berge’s wife claimed he assaulted her, according to a press release and he was taken to Bexar County Jail. He is not currently in custody.

Christopher Berge

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