Healthy Options for Pregnancy Cravings

Burn it in 30

Marcela Freeman gives great breakfast on the go ideas!

Marcela Freeman

Everyone knows during a pregnancy period women tend to have extreme cravings. Marcela Freeman is here to help with that hunger. To keep from having to eat loads of unhealthy foods to deal with the cravings, Marcela has created numerous on the go breakfast ideas that are very healthy.

Healthy Choices for Cravings

Marcela makes sure to keep a solid balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats while still insuring that the meals taste great. A simple jar is all you need to put together one of her great options. Fill your jar with chia seeds, coconut, dried blueberries, yogurt, strawberries and you have a healthy and still very filling dish to eat as you move.

If you're interested in finding out more from Marcela check out her website and try the meals for yourself!