5 stocking stuffers perfect for adults

Gifts can include bath bombs, gift cards, fragrance sampler

How to shrink wrinkles in under 10 minutes | SA Live | KSAT12
How to shrink wrinkles in under 10 minutes | SA Live | KSAT12

SAN ANTONIO – Christmas is just two days away, and there’s still time to get in last-minute shopping.

If you’re not sure what gifts to get your loved ones, we have five great adult stocking stuffer ideas that will pair perfectly for anyone on your Christmas list:

1. Bath bombs

After a long day of work, nothing beats a relaxing bubble bath with a deliciously scented fragrance. Bath bombs are perfect for last-minute gift ideas.

2. Fragrance sampler

It can be difficult to pick out perfume or cologne for someone. Try to find a holiday perfume or cologne sampler to ensure you pick out the right scent.

3. Gift cards

You can’t go wrong with gifting a gift card to someone. Just make sure it’s a gift card that the person you’re shopping for wants.

4. At-home teeth whitening strips

Get rid of those annoying teeth stains with at-home teeth whitening kits. You can find affordable teeth whitening swabs or strips at your local grocery store or online.

5. Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum

You can reduce under-eye bags, dark circles, smile lines and wrinkles in under 10 minutes with Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum.

In a clinical study, there was an 85% visual decrease in the depth of forehead lines for 43 people that used the rapid reduction serum.

For more information, visit plexaderm.com or call 800-673-2201.

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