This mobile zoo comes to you!

Amazing animal encounters that are perfect for parties, classrooms and more

SAN ANTONIOOnce in a Wild is a unique mobile zoo specializing in live animal programs for events. They offer up-close interactions with animals.

They brought a few of their animals the show, including a California king snake, Peruvian guinea pig, Arizona blonde tarantula, green iguana and a ferret.

Here are a few facts about those animals:

  • The California king snake species can eat other snakes, including venomous snakes.
  • Ferrets are known to sometimes hunt animals up to five times their body size.
  • Guinea pigs are awake for about 20 hours a day and sleep a total of about four hours each day.
  • Green Iguanas have a clear scale on top of their head that can help them see movement and shadows of birds of prey overhead.
  • Tarantulas have hair all over their body which is used to sense movement. They have two body sections, eight walking legs, two arm-like appendages and eight eyes.

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