Need a new doctor? Some things to weigh in when looking for a new primary care physician

The new Conviva Care Center on 7142 San Pedro Avenue is now open

Conviva Care Center opens new location on 7142 San Pedro Avenue.

Do you know a senior who is looking for a new primary care physician?

It might be a strange time to search for a new doctor, but for some, that’s the reality.

How are health centers and doctors’ offices adapting to help their patients through COVID-19, anyway?

Here are answers to key questions, according to Conviva Care Center.

1. How are places keeping patients safe when they come to see their doctor?

Face masks are often required at any doctor’s office. If individuals do not have a face mask, masks will be often be provided and temperature checks will likely be performed at the door, according to Conviva Care Center.

In addition, hand sanitizer is usually available, and the waiting room chairs are spaced out to comply with the 6-feet social distancing rule.

2. Why is it important for patients to come in, even if they feel well?

It’s important to see your doctor now more than ever, health care experts said.

Chronic conditions such as heart failure, lung disease and diabetes can worsen without routine care.

3. What if patients are not able to make it into the office, due to transportation or continued fears about coronavirus?

There might be a service that can help.

Conviva Care Center, for example, has a transportation company that can bring patients to the clinics.

The newest location for Conviva Care Center is located at 7142 San Pedro Avenue.

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