This procedure takes a minimally invasive approach to knee replacements

The muscle-sparing robotic surgery procedure aims to preserve as much muscle as possible

When it comes to orthopedic care, understanding the newest technological advancements can play a key role in your health.

According to Dr. Ian Whitney, orthopaedic surgeon at Methodist Hospital Metropolitan, the latest advancements in knee replacements include a muscle-sparing robotic surgery procedure that could improve patient experience and recovery.

Whitney said the surgery is intended to preserve as much muscle as possible and unite that with a robotic assisted surgery that can be done using a minimally invasive surgical approach.

Compared to a traditional knee replacement procedure, this technology helps provide a plan for the patient’s surgery through a CT scan, determining the size of components and knowing what to correct in order to balance the knee before you even cut on the patient.

Whitney said because of this technology, he’s seen an overall faster recovery time and reduced post-operative pain for patients. It also helps to conserve the bone, leaves a smaller surgical scar and could result in a shorter hospital stay.

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