Ways to block out your neighbors

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx

I'm all for being a considerate summertime neighbor. Being mindful of how much noise one produces and inviting the neighbors to an occasional barbecue at your place are nice ways to increase the peace in one's neighborhood.

But what if your neighbor is a noisy, nosy, scary jerk? What if you have asked him nicely not to let his dogs use your yard as a bathroom, but you keep stepping in it when you mow your lawn? What if the neighbors are leering weirdos who watch you as bend over in the garden? What if your neighbors decided to start fixing all terrain vehicles in their back yard, and all you can hear is the grinding of dune buggy motors? What if all of your diplomatic efforts have fizzled into nothing, and it just doesn't seem worth it anymore? It's time to block out the neighbors.

The exceptionally great thing about building a barrier around your yard is that the barrier can actually make your yard look better. The barrier can add home value if it is attractive. The barrier can keep out pests that eat your garden vegetables in addition to the neighbor's dogs. Having a great fencing contractor work his magic, or embarking on an ambitious DIY project, might cost you in time, labor, and materials, but the investment is a sound one that pays off.

Now what are your options for building a fence to block out neighbors? You could modify a short fence by adding a privacy screen and plants. Or you could plant thick vegetation around your yard, install a tall fence, and build yourself a nice, chunky pergola to block out the neighbors. You could build a privacy screen out of old doors to give your yard that groovy DIY look. You could follow the lead of Rob L., who worked with an Atlanta carpenter who installed a nice, clean-looking, good old-fashioned wooden privacy fence around his property. 

Combinations of tall fencing and vegetation create a nice sound and sight barrier between properties. Do this project with aesthetics in mind, and you might be thanking your obnoxious neighbor in the end.

Source: http://www.networx.com/article/ways-to-block-out-your-neighbors