Snake, cat appear on field in back-to-back San Antonio Missions baseball games


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Missions groundskeepers had their hands full this week after a cat and a snake got onto the baseball field during two consecutive games.

On Thursday, Missions employees had to remove a feisty cat from the field. The cat clawed and snapped at a groundskeeper who eventually grabbed the cat's scruff and escorted it behind the fence.

On Friday, the Missions got a visit from a rather large slithery serpent. Several Missions employees worked to wrangle the snake. The video drew ire from people on Facebook who thought the Missions killed the snake.

It's unclear if the snake was released back into the wild.

Sneaky Snake at the Wolff

A Night after a Cat was caught trying to sneak into the stadium to Watch the Flying Chanclas....tonight a Snake made it to CF to watch the Missions!!

Posted by San Antonio Missions Baseball Club on Friday, May 11, 2018

The Missions have won all but one game this month. While the cat and snake likely had nothing to do with the win streak, the Missions dropped their first game this month on Sunday where there was no sight of cats or large snakes.

The videos of the incidents have been shared widely within the sports community, many in awe of the back-to-back oddities.