Some say gun-toting dad went too far in daughter's prom photo

Ex-NFL kicker Jay Feely says photo was a joke


Former NFL kicker Jay Feely has come under fire for a photo he posted to his Twitter on Saturday of himself, his daughter and her boyfriend before prom.

In the photo, Feely is standing between his daughter and her date holding a handgun. The caption reads, "Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom #BadBoys."

While Feely was referring to a scene in "Bad Boys II" where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence intimidate Lawrence's character's daughter's date with a handgun and aggressive behavior, some didn't appreciate Feely's joke.

"I mean, we get the reference, but this was terribly out of touch with gun safety," one person replied. "And out of touch with not making that picture and night about you."

Another countered the blow back tweeting, "Dang y’all can’t take a joke lol."

On Sunday, Feely clarified that he was joking and that his daughter and her date have been dating for more than a year. He added, "I take gun safety seriously (the gun was not loaded and had no clip in) and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue."

The reply wasn't enough for some.

"This isn’t an apology and you don’t express regret," one person said. "Do better."

Feely's prom photo tweet has been retweeted 16,000 times and has been liked 92,000 times.