Residents in Brazoria County neighborhood band to patch levee breaches

Flooding from nearby Brazos River yet to come

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas – Water rises in river and creek levels are likely in areas south and southwest of Houston since Harvey’s arrival.

Residents in the Columbia Lakes neighborhood in Brazoria County, which is southwest of Houston, banded together to patch nearby levee breaches. On Tuesday, they built a makeshift dam.

“It was overflowing. Just a little bit had come over, but it was enough to overwhelm the pumps. So that's the main concern, is to keep the pumps going,” Danny Hill, a Columbia Lakes resident, said.

The breach is from a small creek. The worst of the flooding from the nearby Brazos River is yet to come.

“They’re predicting the Brazos to go a lot higher, so if that does (happen) and it tops over, then there's really not much we can do about that. But if there's anything we can do until then, then it makes sense to do it,” Hill said.

Last year, the area saw the Brazos River rise to extraordinary levels. This time, it’s forecast to be worse.

“Last year was the ‘flood of the century,’ and a lot of people thought, ‘Well, I’ll just drop my flood insurance then because we were high and dry here in Columbia Lakes,'” Hill said.

For Hill, this is just part of a string of bad luck. His house recently burned to the ground, and he still remains positive.

“We just got finished rebuilding it, and that was thanks to all my neighbors out here. They came out, pulled together, helped us to build our house. It's an awesome community. We stick together, and we'll be here long after this,” Hill said. 


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