This 8-piece set gives you everything you need to make delicious fajitas at home

Bring the restaurant experience straight to your home with this fajita cooking set (TTU, Corp)

Are you missing the fajitas at your favorite Mexican restaurant? Well, wish no longer, because you can find all kinds of recipes online and make your own delicious fajitas at home with this 8-Piece Sizzle & Serve Fajita Set. This stylish combo provides you with all the tools you need to prepare, cook, and serve professional-grade tortillas. Go straight from your stove to your table, using the 8 pieces that are included.

The bamboo cutting board is a generously sized 22.5 inches x 14.75 inches. Once you’ve finished using it to prepare ingredients, you can simply wash it and turn it over to use as a serving tray. There are cutouts to securely hold some of the other pieces in the set and a pair of matching bamboo serving spoons to serve with.

At 20 inches x 10 inches, the cast iron grill is reversible, so you can also use it as a griddle. A pre-seasoned 12-inch sizzler plate is included, so you can transfer your fajita ingredients to it directly after cooking, in order to keep them nice and warm.

Of course, you will also need something to put the salsa in, and a pair of 10 ounce bowls are provided for this purpose. Naturally, a tortilla warmer is an absolute necessity, so you’ll get a 10-inch covered one to round out the set.

The black and bamboo 8-Piece Sizzle & Serve Fajita Set is so lovely, you could even just leave it sitting out to add to your décor. That will have the added bonus of being within reach whenever a fajita craving strikes. Ordinarily, this wonderful retails for $149, so you won’t want to pass up the chance to grab one now, when you can pay just $89.99, an amazing 40% off.

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