How to decorate your home for Independence Day

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx

When I think of the Fourth of July, I totally think of arts and crafts, like little wooden boats and cakes involving red, white, and blue frosting topped off with sparklers. I also think of beer cozies, and the time a coworker came in on July 5 and told me that everyone at her July 4 cookout had gotten sick from "the cheesburgas" (we were in Boston).

With such a wide swath of possibilities when it comes to visually imagining this holiday, I think it's best to take a unique approach. Instead of making a perfectly crafted and photo-perfect July 4 party, why not employ some cheap, fun, simple July 4 decor? Express your individuality. It is, after all, Independence Day. You're worth it.

- Provide your guests with whimsical and historically accurate tricorn hats.

- Make a perfectly imperfect red, white, and blue cake.

- Red and blue paper lanterns look super cool when grouped together.

- Make red, white, and blue cocktails.

- Make red, white, and blue strawberries. Any excuse to eat strawberries and white chocolate, really.

- Make a DIY American flag out of reclaimed pallets.

- A super simple centerpiece on a red or blue tablecloth is all you need. Add white paper napkins and you're good to go.

- Deck the porch with strings of white star lights. No electrician required! Just plug them into an outdoor outlet, or run an extension cord from inside.

Source: http://www.networx.com/article/july-fourth-party-decor