'The Bachelor' Blog: Hometown dates bring out new concerns among ladies

An old flame surprises Nick


SAN ANTONIO – This “Bachelor” junkie is still freaking out about the “to be continued” cliffhanger we were left with on Monday night’s episode.

But before we can get to that, let’s recap the hometown dates, which were way less exciting than I thought they would be. You know that’s super disappointing to me because hometown dates are my favorite episode of every season. I love seeing where everyone gets their crazy from.

Raven was up first in Hoxie, Arkansas. She got muddy and extra feisty as she taught Nick the tricks of the dirty south. I love them together! They are so playful and fun. She’s not afraid to let things go and be real. I know a lot of people can’t handle her southern accent, but I think it’s adorable.

Emotions filled the time with her family. I fell apart when they revealed her dad was cancer free. Then my heart melted again when Raven thanked her parents for being an example of love. Oh man. I love these people. They are the sweetest. This just reaffirmed the fact Raven is my favorite. Even though I don’t think she will make it out on top, I definitely think she will make it to the final two!

(Before I even get started on Rachel’s hometown date, can I just say knowing she is going to be eliminated and made the next “Bachelorette” has definitely taken out a lot of the fun for me. I know I mentioned it in my previous blog, but that spoiler alert was not cool!)

Meanwhile, Rachel was eager to kick things off in Dallas. Even though it’s never been an issue for them, her hometown date was dominated by race. Her family was immediately on the defense. Her older sister and brother-in-law (who is also white) were first to pull them aside and question them about race. Then it was her mom’s turn.

This was so awkward to watch. I could understand if they had the doubts about the fact she was dating Nick, or the fact this is his fourth attempt to find love on the show. But I feel like her family was ignoring the fact they genuinely care about each other.

Despite the peppering of questions, they walked out the front door on cloud nine. Too bad we already know their high flying romance will be over soon.

Miami, Florida was the backdrop of Nick’s hometown date with Corinne. That means we finally get to meet her nanny Raquel! First, Corinne was quick to show him the finer things in life and showered him with crazy expensive clothes. Can she take me shopping?

My husband said it best when he looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said, “He can’t send her home anytime soon. She just spent thousands of dollars on him.” That is so true.

When it came time to meet the parents, my cable started glitching. This had to be a sign. Even my cable knew things were about to get ridiculous. It was immediately clear where she gets some of her crazy. She is just like her dad. Her dad had a lot of concerns, mainly about money.

The best part of this hometown came when we finally get to meet Corinne’s nanny Raquel! She’s the best and seems to genuinely care about her. I loved that she even laid down some tough questions on Nick. Despite some sweet moments, this hometown date was super awkward. There was something strange about her family. I have a feeling Corinne’s time is coming to an end.

Vanessa got the last hometown date in Montreal, Quebec and things did not go as planned. I loved watching her interact with her special needs students. They seemed so kind, gentle and excited to see her. Then things got tough. Her parents are divorced so Nick had to meet two sets of family.

First up, her mom’s side. Her mom, older sister and brother were quick to give her a hard dose of reality. I know the truth talk was hard for her to handle, but let’s be honest, her family only brought up questions we’re all asking. The wildest part is the fact Vanessa hadn’t thought about it much.

Next up, her dad. Nick asked for his blessing to get engaged, and he couldn’t do it. He thought asking for his blessing meant Vanessa was the one. But after learning Nick asked also asked three other fathers the same question made it hard for him to give the ok. He just couldn’t wrap his head around these unusual circumstances. After some awkward pushing he finally caved.

This was painful to watch but her dad has a valid point. The tradition does seem way less special now that he’s asked four … wait 6 times! You know Vanessa did not take it well when she did that math. Yikes! Why does he need to ask every family for their blessing? Can’t Nick just wait till he’s decided who he’s going to pick and then ask?

Now Nick has to send one of the ladies home before the fantasy suite dates.

Finally we get to the craziest part of the episode. It comes when Nick gets an unexpected visit from a former flame, Andi Dorfman! What does she have to say to him? Is she trying to get back on the show? Does she miss him? What does this mean for the remaining ladies and how are they going to react?

So many questions! I feel like things are about to get crazy. I can’t even take it! Of course we have to wait until next week to see how it all unfolds.

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