San Antonio mom, H-E-B manager surprised with $25K, gifts from comedian Jimmy Fallon for Mother’s Day

‘What in tarnation!’ Sandra Cardona said as the funnyman presented her with the check

A San Antonio mother was surprised by Jimmy Fallon. Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio “supermom” received an epic surprise from Jimmy Fallon ahead of Mother’s Day when the funnyman himself presented her with a Samsung gift bundle and $25,000.

“What in tarnation!” was Sandra Cardona’s reaction when the comedian suddenly called her during a video chat, which was later aired on Friday’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Fallon wanted to thank Cardona, who works as a manager at the H-E-B at Southwest Military Drive and Zarzamora Street, for going above and beyond for her family and employees.

Her story was the finale in the show’s “Supermom Surprise” series that ran last week. He said Cardona was nominated by her daughter, Crystal.

She told the show that her mother remained on the retail frontlines during the pandemic and even cooked for her coworkers during February’s devastating snowstorm.

“She is an amazing mom trying to take care of work, and then also being a grandmother, and of course taking care of my stepdad who is blind and also a dialysis patient, and just having the patience and just the compassion and, of course, being a caregiver and loving,” she said, just as Fallon called in and surprised Cardona.

With a shocked yet gleeful look on Cardona’s face, Fallon told her that he “loved” her story and her dedication as “not only a mom but a supermom.”

“I love that you were there during this whole pandemic, you still worked and made sure everyone was taken care of and you worry about other people and put other people ahead of you,” he said. “That’s pretty courageous and cool.”

He then presented her with the Samsung goods including a watch, earbuds, cell phone and tablet before showing her the $25,000 check, which came as a complete surprise to her.

“What!” she said, joking that she’s “never seen that many zeroes.”

The show’s “Supermom Surprise” honored a variety of moms who juggled families, work, volunteering and other things during the pandemic.

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