Pre-K 4 SA creates ‘The NUFF Activity Kit’ to go along with recently released children’s book

Activities are available for free and downloadable from website

Pre-K 4 SA helped create activities to go along with a recently released children's book.
Pre-K 4 SA helped create activities to go along with a recently released children's book. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Pre-K 4 SA has created some fun educational curriculum to go along with a popular children’s book recently released called “The NUFF”.

With millions of families under stay-at-home-orders because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities offer children opportunities to connect, learn and play, said a press release. The release of the activity kit is in connection with “National Unicorn Day” on Thursday, April 9.

“Children need to be celebrated and nurtured and loved, especially during this season of uncertainty for our country and beyond. I am doing my best as a father to remind my daughters that they are special, despite the distance required to stay healthy and safe during these unprecedented circumstances,” said Will Waldrop, husband of Veronica Waldrop the author of ‘The NUFF’. “This is a difficult time for us as a family and undoubtedly for you, but we can get through this together, especially if we remind our children that they are a NUFF.”

“The NUFF” was written by Veronica Waldrop, a Louisiana mother of two young girls, who died of breast cancer in 2017. A press release said Veronica wanted to leave behind a message for her daughters -- and for women and girls everywhere -- that they are enough -- or a NUFF! Toward the end of her life, Veronica wore a unicorn costume around the house to lift the spirits of her daughters, inspiring what we know as the Nuff character today," the press release said.

“ THE NUFF Activity Kit” includes coloring sheets, a maze, a word search and activities to spark creativity, positivity and confidence building.

“We cannot stop educating our children even though we are distancing ourselves worldwide,” said Dr. Sarah Baray Pre-K 4 SA CEO. “THE NUFF provides a healthy and engaging outlet for families to remind their children -- and especially their daughters -- that even when times are tough, you have what it takes to get through the challenges.”

The activities are available for free and are downloadable through the website by clicking here.

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