You paid HOW much over asking? Tell us your wild housing market stories here

Did you buy or sell a house over the past year or so? (Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels)

We’ve all heard about it by now: Houses are selling like crazy (and they have been for quite some time), interest rates have been pretty low, and it seems like everywhere you turn, you learn of another wild real estate story.

So, now we want to hear yours.

Were you buying? Selling? Looking to refinance, and it came at the perfect time? Did you snag a vacation home? Or get beat out by all-cash offers dozens of times before you finally lucked out and scored a property of your own?

Drop your answers, anecdotes and stories in the form below.

All answers, by the way, are anonymous, unless you choose to leave your personal details. We may use your submission in a future news story, or contact you to learn more, but we won’t include names unless you provide yours.

Thank you again, readers and viewers!