Great Graduates 2022: Helena Garza, O’Connor HS

Garza has been accepted to nursing program at UIW; set to start this fall

A recent graduate from O'Connor High School has been named a Great Graduate for 2022.

SAN ANTONIO – Helena Garza is not only a senior at O’Connor High School, but she’s also both a certified phlebotomy and EKG technician.

“Well, I have always had, like, you know, a passion, like in health care. And so that is why I took, like, you know, these medical related classes” Garza said.

Garza while in school, there was no need to look outside of her own home to find the perfect role model.

“My mom is a nurse. And so, she was a great inspiration for me to kind of like further my education, like in the medical field. And I also think it is just like overall, I just think the health care field is just so interesting,” Garza said.

For Garza, it was never about just getting through high school. She’s used her time to really catapult her career and establish a work ethic while developing on-the-job experience as a research assistant, where she is able to utilize her phlebotomy and EKG skills.

And it is such a great experience because I am kind of like learning to be more proficient in my skills. And, you know, with this, it is opened more doors and I have better opportunities, especially, you know, since in the future I want to become a nurse,” said Garza.

She said keeping up with class work, staying involved in school clubs all while balancing a job isn’t easy, but understands it will pay off.

“I think this is preparing me for adulthood, because I know college is going to be a little more stressful and more tiring. And so, like I can kind of like practice like that work balance skills, you know, and, and work, work, and school skills,” said Garza.

Garza has been accepted to the nursing program at UIW, and is set to start this fall.

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