Wendy's sign contained racial slur

Resident: Error went unchanged for days


An error on the sign outside a Wendy's restaurant on the east side turned a sandwich into a racial slur.

The sandwich advertised on the sign was the Spicy Guacamole Chicken Sandwich, but the letter "Y" was missing from the word "spicy," turning it into a derogatory term for a person of Hispanic descent.

Victoria Estrada, who noticed the sign three days ago, said she called the restaurant's manager to complain about the sign, but said the manager hung up the phone. 

She said her mother called to complain Thursday, but the sign remained unchanged.

"It's very careless," said Estrada. "It could actually be racist."

When asked about the sign, the manager said the ‘Y' must have fallen off. 

Shortly after the manager was questioned about the error, another employee came to replace the missing letter.