Zachry Middle School student hit by BB

School placed on lockdown following shooting

SAN ANTONIOOne student is doing OK Friday afternoon after Northside school district officials said the Zachry Middle School student was shot at with a BB gun at school.

Pascual Gonzalez, a spokesman for NISD, said there were about 400 students outside by the football field for field day when one of them was hit by a BB.

"One of them complained to his teacher that something had hit him and so the teacher took the student into the nurse," said Gonzalez. "And the nurse said, 'You've been shot with a BB.'"

Adminstrators called police and put the school on lockdown.

During the investigation, students reported seeing a rifle sticking out of a home, so police questioned an adult and 17-year-old student there.

"While they did question these two individuals and the 17-year-old continues to be a person of interest, no charges have been filed," said Gonzalez. "However, we did remove a BB rifle from the premises."

The student who was hit was an 8th-grader.

NISD officials said he was checked out and that he's doing OK, but police are asking if you have any information to please police.

"It's sad that kids can't come to school  and enjoy what they need to," said one parent. "But I guess that's how it is."