Local families stunned by latest mass shooting

Grandparent: "I don't know how to prevent it"


SAN ANTONIO – As local schools let out for the weekend, many parents there were stunned but unwilling to talk about the Connecticut mass shooting in front of their children.

But grandparent Joe Guerrero said, "It was horrible. It was uncalled for, but I don't know how to prevent it."

Even so, he also said he felt his grandson is safe.

Guerrero said, "They keep the doors locked here, so what else can they do?"

Paul Aguirre, who was picking up his daughter from school, said, "We have more people and as a large nation, we're going to have many shootings."

Aguirre also said with a larger population comes a greater risk of the deranged victimizing the innocent.

"It's just our human nature, sadly, for better or worse," Aguirre said.

But unlike the litany of mass shootings in the U.S. this year, the 20 victims in the Sandy Hook school massacre were so young.

"Beautiful little children between five and ten years old," said President Obama as he addressed the nation, fighting back tears.

U.S. flags are flying at half staff as the nation grieves for the lives that were taken, and for their families, the survivors as well as the emergency personnel who responded to the scene.

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