Mosquitoes invading outdoor activities for San Antonio residents

Problem means big business for pest control companies


SAN ANTONIO – Mosquitoes have been invading the outdoor activities of San Antonio residents, ruining their outside fun lately.

The increase in the pests is due to all the standing water from the recent rains, according to Michael Thompson, owner of Early Bird Pest Control.

Thompson said lately he has been seeing an increase in calls to his business for mosquito fogging and spraying.

"'Get rid of our mosquitoes, get rid of our bugs,'" Thompson said, describing the types of requests he receives. "We go around, we fog all the foliage areas that the mosquitoes like to rest."

The city of San Antonio has also stepped up its fogging of public areas like parks.

However, mosquitoes appeared to be on a breeding and feeding frenzy in McAllister Park Tuesday morning.

"Ugh, I'm getting eaten alive," said Elicha Joya, as she swatted away a small swarm of the pests.

She and her friend, Christina Reynolds, with their toddlers in tow, have been visiting the park each morning after breakfast.

However, they said lately they've found they're on the menu for the mosquitoes.

"They're pretty bad since the last time we came," said Reynolds. "I have mosquito repellent but I forgot it."

Marty Roth and his sons, out for a morning jog in McAllister Park, soon found out their legs were the only part of their body in for a workout.

They had to use their arms and hands just as much—to wave away the bugs.

"Two tried to lift me up and grabbed me and pulled me up, they were so big," Roth joked. "They're just all over you. You can't keep them off you."

Insect repellent and sprays may help.

But Thompson said getting rid of the mosquito problem has to be an ongoing effort, one that calls for the help of homeowners.

"Removing any type of debris or items that would hold water such as tires (or) buckets," Thompson said.

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