Families still searching for answers 5 years after double murder

Yolanda Lucas, Raymond Bustamante found shot to death in 2008


SAN ANTONIO – For the past five years, the families of Yolanda Lucas and Raymond Bustamante have come together to mourn the pair's death.

The two were found shot to death outside the Pop-A-Top Sports Bar in Somerset on September 29, 2008. Their killer was never caught.

"Who did it, or why they did it, we have no idea," said Bustamante's sister Yolanda Perez. "That's why both families get together because it was two lives [lost] at the same time."

"Every year we see each other. we go through this. We're going through the same grief and not knowing is what really bothers the two of us, the two families," said Lucas' sister Rachel Casanova.

Both families said the realignment of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Unit is a concern.

"They've told me, ‘It's a small town, we're going to hear something,' but five years later, nothing," Perez said.

But Casanova is hopeful that new detectives, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the case, can lead to answers.

"See something different or see something that [previous investigators] missed," she said. "Maybe it will bring something to light and finally do something about this case."