Prohibited Products or Practices

(a) Licensees may not use any of the following substances or products in performing cosmetology services:
(1) Methyl Methacrylate Liquid Monomers, a.k.a., MMA.
(2) Razor-type callus shavers designed and intended to cut growths of skin such as corns and calluses, e.g., credo blades.
(3) Alum or other astringents in stick or lump form. (Alum or other astringents in powder or liquid form are acceptable.)
(4) Fumigants such as formalin (formaldehyde) tablets or liquids.
(b) Possession on licensed premises of any item listed in this section is a violation under this chapter.
(c) The use of any product, preparation or procedure that comes into contact with or penetrates the dermis layer of the skin is prohibited.

Source: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation