Cats mutilated in Universal City

Police searching for person responsible

UNIVERSAL CITY – Universal City Police are searching for the person responsible for torturing and mutilating cats in the city.

Their carcasses were so badly dismembered, investigators couldn't even determine the cats' ages.

One of the deceed cat's owner, Anthony Schneider, still can't believe his beloved cat Oliver is gone. He found his 11-year-old cat torn in half, right before heading into work Monday.

He is hoping surveillance video from his home cameras will show who dumped part of the body here.

"In this case everything from the pelvic area up is missing, and none of the muscle tissue in the leg area which is the largest part of the meat is untouched," said Schneider.

Oliver was just one of two cats found dismembered in Universal City Monday. Oliver's remains were found in the 200 block of Granada Drive, while the other cat's remains were found a few blocks away in the 500 block of Balboa Drive.

Detective Anthony Nolden said a necropsy will be done on both cats to find their exact cause of death.

"They appear to have been opened up by something, not sure if it was done by a person or wild animal," said Nolden.

Schneider is convinced Oliver died at the hands of someone evil, and he's hoping the cameras around his home will bring that person to justice.