Accused baby-killer says he accidentally dropped infant daughter

If convicted, Trevino faces maximum sentence of life in prison


SAN ANTONIO – During an interview with detectives after Rafael Trevino, 26, found his 7-week-old daughter Liliana lifeless in her crib, he insisted he did not hurt the baby.

That interview was played for the jury Wednesday during Trevino's trial on felony murder charges.

"How did the injuries happen?" detectives asked.

"I do not know sir" Trevino replied.

It was an answer he would repeat often during the interview that lasted nearly three hours.

"I'm not going to hurt my daughter," Trevino said time and again, but he later said that he "accidentally" dropped the infant.

"She was on my shoulder and she fell," he admitted. "After that she fell asleep."

If he is convicted Trevino is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison. Testimony will continue on Thursday in Judge Ron Rangel's 379th District Court.

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