School principal gets duct-taped to wall

First Baptist Academy holds unique fundraiser

SAN ANTONIO – Students at First Baptist Academy got to witness something Friday they've never seen before -- at least not at their school.

They saw their principal, Rhonda Alm, duct-taped to the cafeteria wall two feet off the ground.

"The things we do for these kids, huh?" Alm asked.  

What one would normally deem as a prank was actually part of a very unique fundraiser. 

The school raised money to pay for a new playground for the younger students. 

Four school administrators collected change from students and faculty over a two-week period. The one who collected the most money got hung up on the wall.

"We tallied up everything and Mrs. Alm was the most-loved," said Miranda Gravett, development coordinator and the one who came up with the fundraiser idea. 

As for being taped to the wall with 10 rolls of duct tape?

"It is worth being stuck on the wall for a little while. It's a small price to pay for these kids," Alm said.

The kids got to parade by and give Alm a high five and have a laugh or two.

"I was actually kinda happy," a student said of seeing Alm "hanging around."

The school collected over $2,600 towards their new playground.

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