Holiday travel starts off slow on day before Thanksgiving


SAN ANTONIO – The day before Thanksgiving is usually the busiest day of the year for air travel.

However, Wednesday saw surprisingly low numbers of holdiday travelers at the San Antonio International Airport.

Eric and Betsy Haddad got to the airport early Wednesday morning, expecting a hectic scene.

"With a little one, it's just better to be here with a little time to kill," Betsy Haddad said.

With barely any lines, they ended up with way more time than they expected.

"It's usually pretty crazy (and) security is nuts. It's not really bad today," Eric Haddad said.

Airport administrators said since area schools are now letting kids off for the entire week of Thanksgiving, it's the weekend before Thanksgiving Day and the weekend after that turn the airport into a madhouse.

However, Mother Nature has started to intervene in some places in the country. This holiday travel season, weather has been an issue and Wednesday was no exception. With the storms coming out of the East Coast, airport officials said to make sure travelers are checking early and often to see if their flights are delayed.

U.S. Marine Thomas Scott, stationed at Lackland, said he hopes the snowy weather won't delay his flight home to Buffalo. He's flying in early Wednesday to surprise his whole family.

"They have an idea I'm coming in tomorrow but I got my flight switched to today so I'm going to surprise them for Thanksgiving," Scott said with a smile.

He said he's hoping the weather will give Buffalo a break, and his big surprise will be a success.

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