Proposed name change for Old Highway 90

Business owners say name change would be costly

SAN ANTONIO – Cynthia De la Garza's family business has been on Old Highway 90 for more than three generations.

When she heard District 6 Councilman, Ray Lopez wanted to rename the highway, Enrique M. Barrera Memorial Parkway, after former Councilman Enrique Barrera Lopez she decided to petition it.

"It's going to be a big expense for us just for the name change…we have catalogues, we're going to have to redo that, you know websites, government agencies we have to deal with, property deed, it just goes on and on, " said De la Garza.

Lopez on the other hand believes the change would be good. 

"We want to make sure this becomes a positive event not a negative one," said Lopez.

Besides serving the city, Barrera also taught in the Edgewood School District and later served on the school board.

He was also a Deacon at San Fernando Cathedral.  

Lopez said the Barrera family didn't want any part of the name change.

"Quite honestly, Mrs. Barrera said Enrique wouldn't want that, and that's exactly the reason many of us think that he's the right person because he wouldn't want that," said Lopez. "He's a very humble individual and was a very hardworking public servant." 

Lopez said it may cost about $70,000 to change all the street signs on the 8 mile stretch of roadway.

"The Barrera family asked that it not cost the city anything, so part of the fundraising drive is to offset the cost of the name change itself," said Lopez. 

While De la Garza has nothing against Barrera, she just doesn't want the name change.

"Old Highway 90 West is just a part of San Antonio, and we just don't want to see it go away," said De la Garza.

While no decision has been made about the name change, councilman Lopez hopes to bring it before council for a vote within the next month.

Lopez adds he has already raised about $20,000 in funds to offset costs if the name change does go through.  He also plans on doing more fundraising throughout the year.