'But officer, I only had 2 beers...'

Even if it's the truth, telling an officer who suspects you've been drinking that you only had two beers won't keep you from getting a ride to jail.

Sergeant Frank Bellino with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office explains:

"That's the famous one. I've only had two beers. Normally by the statutes if you've had two beers, within an hour that usually puts you over the legal limit which is of course .08 in Texas.  

If you're under .08, the Bexar county sheriff's office, if we take you down to the intoxilyzer and you blow under .08, we will have somebody come pick you up and release you that night for your safety. Whether the charges are filed or not, that's going to be determined by the investigators after they look at the film and how much of your intoxication state shows."

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