Plane involved in fatal crash registered to Helotes man

Crashed plane registered to Thomas Baber of Helotes


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Fire Department officials said at least one person was killed when the airplane they were in crashed Wednesday near Government Canyon State Park in northwest Bexar County.

While fire officials have not released the name of the victim, the experimental Thunder Mustang Kit plane was registered to Thomas Baber of Helotes.

The crash happened around 5 p.m. when fire crews got the call that there was a plane smoking.

It took crews about half-an-hour to locate the wreckage because the area was heavily wooded and there was no fire when the plane hit the ground.

Rescue teams had to use special equipment, including ATVs to get through the brush, but when they found the wreckage it was spread out over a couple hundred yards.

"We were looking for survivors and we were hoping to have a rescue, but that wasn't possible," said SAFD Battalion Chief Jacob Mendiola.

Toni Draper said she heard and felt the crash.

"I did hear a noise," said Draper. "I was in the back with my dogs. I left the door open and came back inside and there was something that kind of rattled the windows a little bit. I didn't think a whole lot of it because our neighbors work a lot with machinery and I thought maybe one of the engines backfired."

The plane was a two-seater that looks similar to a vintage World War II-era craft.

While fire officials have said there were no survivors, they have not said if anyone other than the pilot was on board.

Mendiola said this afternoon that they know who the victim is and they have talked to his wife, but they are not releasing his name.

The NTSB is expected to investigate.

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