Students create PSA warning about concussions

SAN ANTONIO – Some high school students reaching out to the community to make sure they understand how to keep their families safe.

A group of seniors from Health Careers High School put together a public service announcement, or PSA, about recognizing the signs of a concussion.

The team of five students put the video together for their Health Occupations Students of America chapter.

They directed, shot and edited a public service announcement to show how to recognize the signs and to get help.

"To help the community recognize while they are playing sports and you see like a student or a child injured, just to make sure there's like nothing wrong," said Syed Mustafa Siddiqui, Health Careers High School senior. "If they're not feeling dizzy."

It took the students two weeks to put the PSA together, getting one of their classmates to  portray the concussion victim.

"We told him the symptoms of a concussion," said Yenhel Chen, also a senior. "So he could choose his own way to mimic, to act it out."

Both Siddiqui and Chen may encounter patients with concussion injuries in the future.

Siddiqui is studying to be a neurologist and Chen is pursuing sports medicine.

"In doing the project, we found out that a lot more people have concussions than we thought," said Chen. "And a lot more people just go through their daily routine with a concussion. They don't seek help."

The students will be taking their PSA to a regional competition in Austin on March 28.

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