ACS helps reunite dog with owner after 6 months

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio woman named Delia was recently reunited with her pet dog after six months of the animal missing.

Delia said the dog named Bella ran away, dragging her leash behind her. Since then, Delia has been searching for her beloved pet. 

For at least part of the time she was missing, Bella was at Animal Care Services, where ACS worker Sarah Gazda was searching for the dog's owner. 

"It was a 2012 rabies tag. No microchip. That's all we had to go on, on the dog," Gazda said. 

Gazda eventually tracked down Delia and the reunion was set up.

"When she comes out of that truck or wherever she is, she's going to come straight to me. I just know she is. Because I'm waiting for her with open hands to see Bella," Delia said. 

Gazda said it was a special feeling to bring Bella home.

"I know that feeling of reuniting with that long lost pet, and it's an incredible feeling. And I just want to be able to give that and share that with everybody else, and that they can experience that and know that their dog, or cat or whoever we return is OK," Gazda said.

Part of what made the search so difficult was Bella did not have a microchip, ACS said.

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