Young chef adds zest and spice to Kirby's Steakhouse menu

Chef Spotlight: Chef Javier Davalos

SAN ANTONIO – His first job was at a Kirby Steakhouse kitchen 15 years ago.

Since then, Chef Javier Davalos has grown up at Kirby and worked his way to become the head chef at Kirby's Steakhouse's San Antonio location.

"It was actually my first job in a kitchen, once I started I couldn't stop," said Davalos.

Besides the traditional steaks and seafood options provided, Chef Davalos also enjoys creating new options everyday as well as providing gluten free menu items.

"I have the freedom of bringing in whatever I want to bring in, and I'm always looking at what is new out there." (Click here for Chef Davalos' Pan Seared Duck Recipe.)

This month Chef Davalos is also preparing a special menu with the focus on everything bacon.

"They can expect a lot of bacon, there will be bacon on everything."

As San Antonio continues to grow and more chefs call the city home, Chef Davalos believes the growth is good for all businesses.

"There's all kind of restaurants and I think it's good for us, I mean people can get more different types of food."


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